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Test ID BLOD1349 Fetal Maternal Hemorrhage Screen (FS)


Qualitative Fetal Maternal Hemorrhage Screen (FS)

Rosetting Test

Specimen Type/Requirements

EDTA Specimen (pink or lavender) drawn at least 2 hours after delivery

Specimen will be rejected if overt hemolysis

Specimen needs to be received and tested within 48 hours of specimen collection

Testing performed only on post-partum patients.  For outpatients, see Kleihauer Betke test (BLOD0667).

Performed Test Frequency

Daily, 7am to 11pm


Test Tube

Performing Lab

Sanford Fargo

Minimum Volume

Adult:  3.0 ml pink or full lavender tube

Storage Onsite

Refrigerate 1-10°C (tubes are held 3-14 days post transfusion)

Transport Temperature

Send tube(s) room temperature or refrigerated (1-10°C)


ABORh (BLOD0919) testing is included

If positive, Kleihauer Betke (BLOD0667) will be performed