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Test ID BLOD0667 Kleihauer-Betke


Fetal Maternal Hemorrhage Quantitative Test

Specimen Type/Requirements

EDTA Specimen, (pink or lavender) drawn at least 2 hours post-partum and or abdominal injury.

Specimen will be rejected if overt hemolysis.

Specimen needs to be received and tested within 2 days of specimen collection.

Performed Test Frequency

Daily, 7AM to 11PM


Kleihauer Betke Stain Method

Performing Lab

Sanford Fargo

Minimum Volume

3.0 mL pink or full lavender tube.

Storage Onsite

Refrigerate 1-10 °C (tubes are held 3-14 days post transfusion)

Transport Temperature

Send tube(s) room temperature or refrigerated (1-10 °C).




ABORh (BLOD0919) also performed with testing.

Used to determine amount of fetal bleed post abdominal injury of pregnant female.

Use to determine amount of Rh Immune Globulin needed for Rh neg. mom who delivered Rh positive infant with positive fetal maternal hemorrhage test.

Intrauterine Kleihauer Betke (IUBETKE - BLOD1489) fetal specimen collected by Maternal Fetal Medicine post intrauterine transfusion (IUT Txn) of blood products (Red Blood Cells).  Percent Fetal cells present is determined positive