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Test ID ZIKA Zika Testing

Important Note

Zika Testing is dependent on the patient's state of residency, please order BLOD0979 (Miscellaneous Lab Order). 

Performing Lab

North Dakota Department of Health

Minnesota Department of Health

North Dakota Department of Health


Required Form Must submit Zika Virus patient data form with each patient submission.
Methodology IgM EIA and PCR

1.5 mL serum (IgM EIA)

1.5 mL serum, 1.0 mL urine (PCR)

Stability Ambient: 8 hours; Refrigerated: 2 days; Frozen: >2 days
Turnaround 7 days

Minnesota Department of Health

Methodology Molecular method Trioplex RT-PCR (Zika, Dengue, Chikungunya) and immunological method (Zika)
Pre-Approval Contact Infectious Disease Epidemiology Prevention and Control at 651-201-5414 or 877-676-5414 before requesting this test.
Supplemental Information Urine and CSF must be submitted with a paired serum specimen. Urine will only be tested for Zika by RT-PCR. CSF will only be tested for Zika IgM antibody.
Record the onset date on the submission form. 
This disease must be reported to MDH as required by State Rule 4605.7040
For other testing/interpretation guidelines see Laboratory Zika Virus Testing
Specimen Serum, preferred (1ml) (Trioplex RT-PCR and EIA)
CSF (1ml) (with paired serum, EIA only)
Urine (5ml) (with paired serum, Zika RT-PCR only)
Shipping Ship at refrigeration temperature.
Turnaround 14 days for IgM, 7 days for RT-PCR