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Test ID Not orderable in One Chart (charge capture only) PATERNITY SPECIMEN COLLECTION FOR DNA


DNA Testing,
Parentage Testing,
Paternity Collection

Specimen Type/Requirements

Performed at Sanford Clinic Broadway East, 737 Broadway, Fargo, North Dakota (701-234-2346); Sanford Medical Center Thief River Falls, 120 LaPree Ave S, Thief River Falls, Minnesota. Schedule appointment between client, testing agency and Sanford’s Paternity Collection staff (see list). Testing agency to send kit to Sanford Collection staff or client (cord specimens). Follow Collection instructions included in kit. Kits may vary depending on referring lab. Collection kit received from testing laboratory with appropriate collection containers (tubes or swabs) included. Chain of Custody Documentation required. Make a copy of client identification, obtain pictures and thumb prints of parties involved.
Buccal swab (inner check swab) rinse mouth if food in the past 30 minutes. Label specimens appropriately.
Obtain blood specimens using tubes found in kit. Avoid hemolysis when collecting.
Cord Blood Collection (performed only at delivery – check with OB Provider to see if they will collect).

Performed Test Frequency

Specimen collection only Monday through Friday, Day shift (9-11 am whenever possible).


DNA-based testing using PCR or RFLP performed at referring specialty laboratory. Contact specialty laboratory for
additional information.

Performing Lab

Sanford Fargo

Container Type

See Collection Kit and Instructions.

Storage On Site

Specimen collection by appointment only: Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Only testing agencies supplying collection kits can make appointments.

Transport Temperature

Follow packaging and shipping directions that came with collection kit. Maintain appropriate chain of custody of
specimens and paperwork.