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Test ID NBLD0463 Eosinophil Smear, Non-Nasal


Urine for Eosinophils

Specimen Type/Requirements

Collect a random urine specimen in a clean, dry, screw-top container; or 8 mL conical yellow-top tube no preservatives; or 8 mL conical red/yellow jungle-top tube with chlorhexidine preservative (6 mL minimum).


Preparing Sediment and Cytospin Slides:

  1. Centrifuge urine in Kova tube or other tube to obtain urine sediment
  2. Prepare cytospin slides from urine sediment
  3. Utilize time and speed in cytocentrifuge that is used for body fluid specimens in current facility
  4. Albumin should be used to make cytospins
  5. Allow smears to air dry prior to shipping

Specimen Volume

Preferred Volume 8-12 mL urine
Minimum Volume 1.0 mL urine


Room Temperature

2 hours (unpreserved)

48 hours (preserved)


Preferred for Transport >8 hours


8 hours (unpreserved)

Preferred for Transport <8 hours
Frozen N/A  

Performed Test Frequency

Monday through Sunday


Light microscopy

Performing Lab

Sanford Laboratories Fargo- Core Lab