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Test ID NBLD0305 Wet Prep for Trichomonas, Yeast and Clue Cells


Vaginal Wet Prep, Wet Prep, Wet Mount

Specimen Type/Requirements

Specimen: Vaginal Secretions. Obtain secretions from mucosal membrane of vaginal vault using a culturette swab. Return swab to culturette tube or place in 0.5 mL sterile saline if testing will be delayed.


The test must be performed within one hour of specimen collection to optimize detection of motile Trichomonas trophozoites. Any delay over 1 hour results in significant decrease in viability and motility of organisms.


Room Temperature 1 hour Preferred for Transport
Refrigerated N/A  
Frozen N/A  


Performed Test Frequency



Microscopic wet mount. 10% KOH can be added to dissolve excess cells and expose fungal elements.

Performing Lab

Sanford Laboratories Fargo-Microbiology