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Test ID NBLD0195 Dipstick, Urine

Specimen Type/Requirements

Collect a random urine specimen in a clean, dry, screw-top container; or 8 mL conical yellow-top tube no preservatives; or 8 mL conical red/yellow jungle-top tube with chlorohexidine preservative (6 mL minimum).
Note: urine collected in chlorohexidine preservative is not acceptable for culture.

Specimen Volume

Preferred Volume 8-12 mL urine
Minimum Volume 1.0 mL urine



Room Temperature 2 hours  


Preferred for Transport
Frozen N/A  


Performed Test Frequency



Automated Urine Chemistry Analyzer

Performing Lab

Sanford Laboratories Fargo- Core Lab


81002; 81003

Transport Temperature

Transport refrigerated. If delay in transport (>8 hours), transfer to a tube with chlorhexidine preservative and transport
at room temperature.