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Test ID MICR0011 Ova and Parasite Comprehensive Exam


O & P, Stool for Parasites

Specimen Type/Requirements

Stool Collection Guide

Specimen: Stool. Collect random stool in a clean, dry container. Using the Para-Pak Ova and Parasite transport system transfer a portion of the stool to the 10% formalin vial and another portion to the PVA vial. Do not fill beyond fill line on the vials.

It is recommended that no more than 2 or 3 samples/patient be submitted for routine parasitology testing. In addition, samples should not be submitted for routine parasitology testing from patients that have been in the hospital for more than 3 days.



Room Temperature   Preferred for Transport
Refrigerated N/A  
Frozen N/A  


Performed Test Frequency



Microscopy (concentrate wet mount and permanent Trichrome stain), and Immunochromatographic Immunoassay.

Performing Lab

Sanford Laboratories Fargo-Microbiology


87177; 87209; 87328; 87329

Report Available

1-3 days