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Test ID BLOD5015 Thermal Antibody Test


Thermal Cold Antibody Test

Specimen Type/Requirements

Draw one/two plain red-top tubes, maintain at 37° C prior to centrifugation and separation

Specimen will be rejected if overt hemolysis

Specimen needs to be received and tested within 3 days of specimen collection

Performed Test Frequency

Daily, 7am to 11pm


Test Tube, Gel

Performing Lab

Sanford Fargo

CPT Code


Minimum Volume

Adult:  Full plain red top tube (2mL serum)

Storage Onsite

Refrigerate 1-10° C (tubes are held 3-14 days post transfusion)

Transport Temperature

Maintain at 37° C prior to centrifugation and separation of serum from cells.  Allow specimen to clot at 37° C.  Separate cells and serum and send both at room temperature or refrigerated 1-10° C


Thermal amplitude is the temperature range over which an antibody can react.  Cold reactive autoantibodies occasionally exhibit thermal amplitude 20-24° Celsius or higher) and may interfere with routine cell and serum tests.  Physicians may request a thermal amplitude test before performing certain surgical procedures when these antibodies are identified.