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Test ID BLOD1419 Red Cell Genotyping - Father

Important Note

Provide Mother's Name and Mother's Serological Type.

Provider must specify which antigens are needing to be genotyped:

     *  RhC/c

     *  Fya/b

     *  Jk a/b

     *  K1/K2

     *  RhD Zygosity

     *  RhE/e

     *  M/N

     *  S/s

Specimen Type/Requirements

3.0 mL (2.0mL minimum) of EDTA Whole Blood.



Transport Temperature

Room Temperature:  7 days

Refrigerated:  14 days

Performed Test Frequency

Monday through Friday

4-6 day turn-around-time


See individual antigens for methodology.

Performing Lab

Blood Center Wisconsin