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Test ID BLOD1166 Red Cell Antigen Type




Red Cell Phenotype

Zygosity Testing

Specimen Type/Requirements

EDTA Specimen, one pink top tube or 2 lavender tubes

Specimen will be rejected if overt hemolysis

Specimen needs to be received and tested within 3 days of specimen collection

When patient has been transfused in the past 3 months, send specimen to reference lab for Red Cell Antigen Genotyping

Minimum Volume

Adult:  3.0 ml pink or full lavender tube

Pediatric:  2.0 ml pink or full lavender tube

Transport Temperature

Send tube(s) room temperature or refrigerated (1-10°C)

Performed Test Frequency

Daily, All Shifts


Tube or Gel


86905 Patient Antigen Typing

Storage Onsite

Refrigerate 1-10°C (tubes are held 3-14 days post transfusion)

Performing Lab

Sanford Fargo


Testing for common red cell antigens:  big C, little c, big E, little e, big K, big S, little s, Fya, Fyb, Jka, Jkb, M&N.  Additional antigen testing sent out to reference lab.