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Test ID BLOD1007 Methotrexate Prior Leuco Dose

Specimen Type/Requirements

Red top (Serum w/out gel) - Serum


Do Not Use Serum Separator Gels.


Test is not affected by hemolysis or lipemia. 

Specimen Volume


Preferred Volume    1.0 mL   
Minimum Volume    1.0 mL




Room Temperature    1 day     
Refrigerated    14 days    preferred for transport   
Frozen    indefinitely     


Performed Test Frequency

Monday through Sunday


Enzyme Immunoassay

Performing Lab

Sanford Laboratories Sioux Falls

Additional Information

Specimens from patients who have received glucarpidase (carboxypeptidase G2) as a high dose methotrexate rescue therapy should not be tested with this method. These patients have an increased level of metabolite that cross reacts with the methotrexate antibody. These metabolites stay in circulation for 5-7 days.



Interface Build Information

Result Code  Result Code Description 
2717 Methotrexate Prior