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Test ID BLOD0894 Pediatric Food Allergy Panel & IgE

Specimen Type/Requirements

Gold top (Serum w/gel) - Serum

Red top (Serum w/out gel) - Serum


Test is not affected by hemolysis or lipemia.

Specimen Volume

Preferred Volume    2.0 mL   
Minimum Volume    1.0 mL   



Room Temperature    Not Applicable     
Refrigerated    7 days     Preferred for Transport   
Frozen    30 days  


Additional Information

Pediatric Food Allergy Panel and IgE includes: Codfish, Corn, Egg White, Milk, Peanut, Soybean, Wheat and Total IgE

Performed Test Frequency

Monday through Friday


Fluoroallergrosorbent, Fluoroenzymeimmunoassay



Performing Lab

Sanford Laboratories Sioux Falls

Analytic Time

1 - 3 days

Interface Build Information

Result Code  Result Code Description 
1030 Food: Cod Fish Quant
1027 Food: Cod Fish Class
1074 Food: Corn (Maize) Quant
1072 Food: Corn (Maize) Class
1423 Food: Egg White Quant
1420 Food: Egg White Class
2752 Food: Milk Quant
2749 Food: Milk Class
3082 Food: Peanut Quant
3080 Food: Peanut Class
3726 Food: Soybean Quant
3723 Food: Soybean Class
4246 Food: Wheat Quant
4243 Food: Wheat Class
2230 IgE Total