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Test ID BLOD0851 Malaria Blood Smear Examination


Malaria Smear

Specimen Type/Requirements

Requires 4 thick and 4 thin peripheral blood smears and EDTA Whole Blood.   


Prepare the thick smears by putting one drop of blood from a fingerstick or the tip of a phlebotomy needle onto the end of a slide. Spread the blood around with the corner of another slide to make the smear the size of a dime. A proper thick smear is thin enough that print can be read through it.


Prepare thin smears in the same manner a smear for a differential is made.

Specimen Volume

Preferred Volume 3.0 mL EDTA whole blood + 4 thick and 4 thin smears
Minimum Volume 1.0 mL EDTA whole blood + 4 thick and 4 thin smears



Room Temperature

<2 hours for EDTA whole blood

>2 hours, send smears

Preferred for Transport
Refrigerated N/A  
Frozen N/A  


Performed Test Frequency



Light microscopy

Performing Lab

Sanford Laboratories Fargo-Core Lab