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Test ID BLOD0588 Estradiol

Important Note

Patients treated with Mifepristone should not be tested with the Abbott ARCHITECT. Estradiol assay for up to two weeks after the last dose because it leads to falsely elevated Estradiol results.


The drug Fulvestrant interfers with the measurement of Estradiol in this assay. If patient has taken this medication recommend using an alternate method to measure Estradiol.



Specimen Type/Requirements

Draw one green-top tube (Lithium-Heparin) or one green microtainer.

Performed Test Frequency

Daily as received



Performing Lab

Sanford Laboratories Fargo



Minimum Volume

200 uL plasma.

Storage On Site

Refrigerate if done within 48 hours. Frozen if greater than 48 hours.

Transport Temperature

Refrigerate if testing will be performed within 48 hours, otherwise frozen.