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Test ID BLOD0114 von Willebrand Factor Multimer Analysis, Plasma

Useful For

Subtyping of von Willebrand factor (VWF):

-When results of complementary laboratory tests (eg, F8A / Coagulation Factor VIII Activity Assay, Plasma; VWFX / von Willebrand Activity, Plasma; and VWAG / von Willebrand Factor Antigen, Plasma) are abnormally low or discordant

-Primarily used to identify variants of type 2 VWF

-An aid in determining appropriate treatment


This test is used to identify variants of type 2 von Willebrand disease that have fewer of the largest multimers, have unusually large multimers, or have qualitatively abnormal "bands" that indicate an abnormal VWF structure.

Specimen Type

Plasma Na Cit

Advisory Information

Coagulation testing is highly complex, often requiring the performance of multiple assays and correlation with clinical information. For that reason, we suggest ordering VWPR / von Willebrand Profile.

Additional Testing Requirements

VWFX / von Willebrand Factor Activity, Plasma and VWAG / von Willebrand Factor Antigen, Plasma are requested but not required before performing this test. If already assayed, submit results. If no results are included, submit separate specimens for the above assays following specimen requirements for each test.

Shipping Instructions

Send specimens in the same shipping container.

Specimen Required

See Coagulation Studies in Special Instructions: Guidelines for Specimen Handling and Processing.


Patient Preparation: Fasting preferred. Specimen should be drawn prior to coagulation factor replacement therapy.

Collection Container/Tube: Light-blue top (citrate)

Submission Container/Tube: Plastic vials

Specimen Volume: 1 mL in 2 plastic vials each containing 0.5 mL

Collection Instructions:

1. Spin down, remove plasma, and spin plasma again.

2. Freeze plasma immediately (no longer than 4 hours after collection) at -20° C or, ideally, ≤-40° C.

Additional Information:

1. Double-centrifuged specimen is critical for accurate results as platelet contamination may cause spurious results.

2. Each coagulation assay requested should have its own vial.

Specimen Minimum Volume

0.5 mL

Reject Due To


Mild OK; Gross reject


Mild OK; Gross reject


Mild OK; Gross reject




Specimen Stability Information

Specimen Type Temperature Time
Plasma Na Cit Frozen 42 days

Day(s) and Time(s) Performed

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday; 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

Analytic Time

7-10 days

Method Name

Agarose Gel Electrophoresis/Infrared Dye-Labeled Antibody Detection

Performing Laboratory

Mayo Clinic Laboratories in Rochester

CPT Code Information


Reporting Name

von Willebrand Factor Multimer, P

Reference Values

An interpretive report will be provided.

Test Classification

This test was developed and its performance characteristics determined by Mayo Clinic in a manner consistent with CLIA requirements. This test has not been cleared or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.


1. Coagulation Patient Information (T675) in Special Instructions

2. If not ordering electronically, complete, print, and send a Coagulation Test Request (T753) with the specimen.

Sanford Laboratories - Fargo Additional Information:


Result Code Result Code Description
13718 Vonwillebrand Factor Multimer